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About Brain Tumour Foundation of india

The Brain Tumour Foundation is a charity, concerned with improving the care and treatment available to people with brain tumour and their families. We work in partnership with other organisations to develop and support services for people with brain tumour. We hope to help all patients in and around Bombay and expand our services to involve the whole country.
In these pages you will find information about resources available for brain tumour patients in India, breakthroughs in the field of brain tumour diagnoses and treatment, a network of volunteers and doctors you can consult. We're here to help you help your patients.
The Foundation offers funds for treatment and care of brain tumour patients in financial need. It also funds research, nursing, and medical education programmes.Apart from the oncologists and other experts available for consultation, specialists in brain tumour care at the Foundation also include the BTF Support Team members.

Be A BTF Team Member

Any one can become a member of the BTF support team and help us in:

  • Counselling of patients in the hospital or their homes.Organising recreational activities for patients especially children.Providing or organising special education programmes for children or teenagers who have either not attended school in a long time due to treatment needs or learning disabilities.Vocational training and rehabilitation of patients, especially those who cannot continue their previous jobs due to the challenges posed by this disease.Organising fund raising events and campaigns.Collecting data for research and conducting surveys.
  • Liasing between various rehabilitation agencies.

In fact, no mattter what you do or make, you are in a position to contribute.Here's How:

  • If you are a manufacturer of goods, donate them.
    • Light cotton clothing for acute discomfort during treatment. Caps for children to cover hair loss. Nutritional supplements during therapy.Toys, books, crayons, paper, gifts...Simple walkmans or tapes to help weak children occupy their time.
    • Wigs for patients with hair loss to resume life without shame.

  • Many people come from small towns unprepared for long stays that brain tumour treatment involves. They need:
    • Blankets, sheets, beddings, towels. Utensils and rations.
    • Temporary accomodation.

  • To keep BTFI's funds for the deserving, various materials are required:
    • Banner cloth.Paper for printing patient literature. Pagers and Cellphones for establishing 24 hr helplines.Website Space. Advertisement space in all media.Hall or theatre space for charity shows.
    • Entertaiment for the kids eg. Video games, puppet, music & film shows.

  • If you are a celebrity or have a talent, share it:
    • Hold a charity show. Meet the kids - it's their life's dream. Become a BTF Patron. Invite the kids to your performance.Judge their competitions.Give them a lesson in your art.Send them autographed photos on their birthday.Gift them a souvenir from your things.Tell the press: help increase awareness of BTF.
    • You are their heroes. Be there for them in their last days. However you can.

  • If you are a service, donate it:
    • Wig-maker PrinterAdvertising,ProfessionalsJournalistsCounsellorsResearchersWeb-site DesignersComputer Data EntryCaterersSecretariesTelephone Helpline Operators, Statistical Analysts
    • Play School Teachers

We'll be happy to receive any kind of help from you. Call us or send us an email and tell us how you can help.

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