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Mission Statement


To minimise the physical, emotional and financial suffering associated with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with brain and spine tumours, and their families.

  • Facilitate the treatment, accommodation, transportation, rehabilitation and special education of such patients.Support the cost of investigation, treatment and rehabilitation for really needy patients with potentially curable tumours.Support research into the causes, treatment and rehabilitation of brain tumour patients.Provide information and support to patients and care-givers of patients with brain tumours.Provide all types of counselling services, including psychological and grief counselling for the patient and the family before and after treatment.
  • Public education via print and electronic media.

Agencies Involved:
  • Hospitals, doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and nurses (presently from the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) and King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEM), Mumbai. Later, we plan to involve other centers in Mumbai and elsewhere) Medical Social Workers (at the Tata Memorial Hospital and from other agencies) Cancer Patients Aid Association and V-Care Indian Cancer Society Ambulance services National Association for Blind Spastics Society of India and other organizations which can help us with their expertise and network. Schools: (Special Education Schools as well as normal schools that admit children with various degrees of neuropsychological problems).
  • Patient's Support groups: A group of brain tumour survivors and their families in different parts of the country

  • Individual donors Corporate houses Charity organisations
  • Fund raising charity shows and events

(Donations to BTF are eligible for 100% tax exemption U/S 35 i(ii) if given for research and 50% U/S 80G if given for the treatment and rehabilitation of patient.

Fund raising charity shows and events:

Every year BTF publishes Greetings Cards designed and hand-painted by children with brain tumour.

  • Necessary investigation and treatment of patients who cannot afford these costs.Support research into the causes, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with brain tumours.Patient Information material (Book / Audio / Video) regarding brain tumours and its management. The cost of this and other stationary will be borne by the BTF. Resource Directory Names, addresses and phone numbers of support personnel, fully rehabilitated patients, accommodation, transport and rehabilitation facilities. Postage and office stationery: (we do not envisage buying any equipment presently. Tata Memorial Hospital administration has permitted us to use the existing facilities)
  • Salaries of the staff working for BTF

All BTF accounts are maintained as a separate project fund A/C No. 787 in the Accounts Department of Tata Memorial Hospital. This Account is audited annually and is open to public scrutiny.

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