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If you'd like to share your experience in the treatment of a brain tumour or discuss any specific clinical problem, please send the appropriate information (preferably with a scanned imaging and photomicrograph of the pathology slides, if possible) via email to

A dedicated multidisciplinary team comprising radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, medical oncologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists and pediatric oncologists is on the BTF panel looking after all aspects of the neurooncology practice. (See details here).The NeuroOncology Unit acts as the nodal point where all cases pertaining to NeuroOncology are registered, evaluated, treated and followed up according to the Unit's protocol. Patients are seen in the NeuroOncology / BTF clinics and an initial plan detailing the line of management is written down after evaluation with one of the consultants. Further patient care takes place under the NeuroOncology Team based in the Tata Memorial Hospital.

See the NeuroOncology Protocol Book for more information on these protocols.

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