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Our Activities

These are some of the regular activities that the Brain Tumour Foundation of India organizes. For a listing of special activities scheduled in the next fortnight, please check the Schedule of Activities Page.

  • BTF clinics for patients - at the Tata Memorial Hospital on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. For appointments to any of these clinics, send us an email with the following information and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:
    Name of the patient :
    Age :
    Date of appointment :
  • Or you can call us at 91-22-2417 7153 / 2414 6750 or send us a fax at 91-22-2417 7159 or 2414 6937 to fix an appointment:

Monthly support group meetings attended by patients, relatives, volunteers and other medical staff.
  • Weekly Joint NeuroOncology Meeting (JNOM) where cases with difficulties in diagnoses or treatment are discussed by various specialists.
  • Conducting, co-ordinating and funding research in cancer treatment and rehabilitation of brain tumours. Presently six research studies are being supported by the BTF (see research studies)
  • Monthly Meetings of the Working Committee at different venues: (date, time and place of the meetings will be displayed on the web site)
  • Recreational activities for children with brain tumour, and their families: (dates and venues will be announced)
  • Fund-raising activities.

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