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Brain Tumour Kids

In children brain tumours are the second most common cancer or tumour after leukaemia. The common childhood brain tumours include medulloblastoma, gliomas, astrocytoma, ependymoma, PNET and germ cell tumours.In most children the cause of the brain tumour is not known but in some tumours like the Optic glioma it may be due to a hereditary disease called neurofibromatosis. The effect of the tumour and its treatment on the brain function, mental and physical growth is more pronounced in children with developing brain. There is, therefore, a need for timely diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitation of these children.

Fortunately, a majority of childhood brain tumours are curable with modern treatment, and with the medical resources available, these children can be restored to near normalcy (See Amreen’s story). This, however, needs a multidisciplinary approach, which is expensive and rarely available under one roof. Even after completion of the hospital treatment many children require intensive rehabilitation at their homes and sometimes at special institutions.

The World Health Organization had dedicated the last decade to the brain. With remarkable strides in the management of brain tumour there is a need for a foundation to provide the highest level of care to such patients and perform research into various aspects of brain tumours. Brain tumours are the commonest solid tumours in children and in our country affect thousands of young adults each year. We plan to reach out to all patients suffering from brain tumour to help them and their families through this devastating period.

At BTF we are committed to improving the life of these children - with emotional, financial and rehabilitative support. Greeting cards, produced from drawings done by children with brain tumour, are sold through the year. Profits from these go towards providing them with the highest possible care during and after treatment. You can buy these cards online and contribute to these efforts!!

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