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Doctors And BTF

A dedicated multidisciplinary team comprising radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, neuroOncologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists and paediatric oncologists is on the BTF panel looking after all aspects of the neuroOncology practice. The NeuroOncology unit acts as the nodal point where all cases pertaining to NeuroOncology are registered, evaluated, treated and followed up as per the Unit's protocol. Patients are seen in the NeuroOncology / BTF clinics and an initial plan detailing the line of management is written down after evaluation with one of the Consultants. See the NeuroOncology Protocol Book for more information on these protocols.

Adult Medical Oncology:

Dr. Nandini Menon
Dr. Vijay Patil

Clinical Neuro Physiologist:

Dr. Parthibhan Velayutham

Clinical Psychologist:

Ms. Savita Goswami

Data Manager:

Ms. Shamika Ghanekar


Dr. Sudha Rao


Dr. Durva Kurkure (Radiation Oncology Fellow)
Dr. Rajesh Krishna (Neuro-surgery Fellow)
Dr. Riddhi Talukdar (Radiation Oncology Fellow)
Dr. Sohet Gogia (Neuro-surgery Fellow)

Intervention Radiology:

Dr. Nitin Shetty
Dr. Suyash Kulkarni

Medical Social Worker:

Ms. Bhagyashree Tillu

Molecular Biologist & Principal Investigator:

Dr. Shilpee Dutt


Dr. Aliasgar Moiyadi
Dr. Prakash Shetty
Dr. Vikaskumar Singh

Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging:

Dr. Ameya Puranik
Dr. Nilendu Purandare
Dr. Venkatesh Rangarajan


Mr. Robin John

Occupational Therapy:

Ms. Ruchi Patel


Dr. Ayushi Sahay
Dr. Sridhar Epari

Paediatric Medical Oncology:

Dr. Girish Chinnaswamy
Dr. Maya Prasad
Dr. Tushar Vora


Dr. Jayita Deodhar

Radiation Oncology:

Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee
Dr. Archya Dasgupta
Dr. Rahul Krishnatry
Dr. Jayant Sastri Goda
Dr. Tejpal Gupta

Radio diagnosis:

Dr. Arpita Sahu
Dr. Amit Chaudhari
Dr. Kajari Bhattacharya

Trial Coordinator (DMG):

Ms. Farnaz Shaikh
Ms. Nazia Bano

Trial Coordinator (Neurosurgery):

Mr. Deepak Prajapati
Ms. Gauri Shetke

Joint NeuroOncology Meetings (JNOM)

Patients with difficult diagnostic and management problems or interesting and unusual cases are discussed by a panel of doctors in the weekly JNOM's (held every Thursday afternoon at 3.30 pm). Clinical profiles, imaging information and pathology slides are discussed in detail and interesting cases are archived. If you want your case to be discussed in the JNOM, please send all the clinical details, scans and preferably slides and blocks and specify the issues you want to be discussed. Hospital charges may have to be paid only in cases where immunohistochemistry is required. To check out the schedule of upcoming cases and for conclusions reached on cases already discussed, Further patient care takes place under the NeuroOncology Team based in the Tata Memorial Hospital.

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